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    Messages from LASERS
  • LASERS Participates in Annual RSEA Statewide Tour
    The annual RSEA statewide tour kicks off March 3 in Alexandria and LASERS officials will be there to...
  • 2015 LASERS Board of Trustees Election: Nominations Now Open
    Every two years, LASERS members are asked to cast their ballots for candidates for the 13-member Board...
  • March Benefit Payments
    March benefit payments are scheduled to be paid on the first of the month. Since March 1 falls on a...
  • Rougeou American Press Guest Commentary
    The following guest commentary by LASERS Executive Director Cindy Rougeou is in response to Jim Beam's...
  • LASERS Board Elects New Chair and Vice Chair
    The LASERS Board of Trustees unanimously elected Thomas Bickham and Janice Lansing as new Chair and...
  • Annual Statements Geaux Green
    As part of the LASERS Geaux Green initiative, active members now have the option to receive paperless...
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